Our House in the Middle of the Street

God is always building.

The day that Simon Peter confessed that he believed Jesus was the Christ.  Jesus promised that he would “build His Church and the gates of Hell would not prevail against it.”

Jesus said he was going to build.  Why do we act surprised when he does what he said he would do?

The issue about the building of the Church is that we experience it both personally and corporately.  God is always building…IN us and THROUGH us.  Too often in faith we simply desire God to do a great work in us or we really want God to do a great work through us, but God is doing both.

Truth is we will never experience the fullness of what God desires to do in us if we are not available for God to work through us.  AND we will never know the great satisfaction and joy of God working through us if we are not available for him to work in us.

Life is best lived in the intersection of God working in us and through us.

A life lived in this intersection is one of risk and reward.  There are some key realities in life we must be willing to embrace if we are going to experience this life as God designed it best.

You must trust God is building you.  So, bring you! You might not consider yourself worth bringing, but you are.  Ephesians 2 calls you “God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works.”  Today, you fully are ready to do what God desires you to do today.

You must trust God is building us.  So, bring them. By us, I mean the Church.  The Church is an “us and them” reality.  There are those of us in Christ and those who are not in Christ.  The difference is eternity.  It matters.  (It is not, however, “us vs. them.”  It is more like “us for them.”)  So bring them.  We, who are the Church today, are simply them who were brought to Him.  Someone brought you to Jesus and Jesus to you.  Now, go do the same.

You must trust God is building His Church.  So, bring Jesus. God is not building your church.  God is not building my Church.  He is building His Church.  Quit blaming the church for your unfaithfulness.  God is building His Church. When you say you are not participating in church because of the Church you are deciding Jesus is incompetent and untrustworthy.  You have to get over yourself and trust God to do what you don’t see.

Henry Blackaby teaches a great principle in Experiencing God.  “God is always at work around us.  We must join Him in it.”  God will never join you in your work, you must join Him in His.  That work is IN you and THROUGH you.

Are you in?

1.  Fellowship folks – this Sunday is HUGE!  We are giving out very important information about moving forward to have space and capacity to reach BEYOND where we are now in impacting Ascension Parish with the Gospel.  You will not want to miss Sunday.
2. Our House in the Middle of the Street Part Two will post tomorrow.  It is a small view of what this looks like in the Jones’ home.  The home of our Lead Pastor Kirk Jones and his family.

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