Up to Date or Out of Date

In Ecclesiastes we are told a truth can both give hope and bring gravity to a situation.  “There is a time for everything.”  There are times in life to do new things.  There are times to do old things.  I also believe there are times to renew things.

The BEYOND Update we passed out yesterday at church is such a time.  For some of you it is new.  For others it is a renewal.  I hope that you will join us in prayer about what God would desire us to do as we move BEYOND.

Today, I want to give you a Biblical thought on how to respond to an update.  This update is positive.  Has everything worked out as we had planned or thought it would?  No.  Has it worked out as God planned?  Yes.  Has God done things that were beyond what we could even ask or imagine, like give us a property for one of our campuses?  Yes.  God is faithful!

Jehosaphat gets a not so favorable update in 2 Chronicles.  His response, however, is one I think we should learn from.  Not that what we are sharing is negative, but because Jehosaphat sets a good example of how to respond to an update.

He set his face to the Lord.  He prayed.  He asked God to do what only God could do.  He asked what He should do.  He repented of his wrongs and his own selfishness and sin.  He called the people to do the same.  And God was gracious and intervened on their behalf and delivered them from their enemies.

Will you join me in fasting each Tuesday between now and Easter to ask God to do more than we could ask or imagine? Will you  pray for 5 people by name and commit yourself to being faithful to share the Gospel with them?  Will you find your place to serve at Fellowship?  God made each member a laborer.  Find your labor and serve the Lord faithfully with us.

The end of 2 Chronicles 20 gives us a dire warning about not finishing well though.  Jehosaphat humbled himself before the Lord, but he did not remain there.  He did what was evil in the eyes of the Lord.  I am not asking you to join me for one  particular day to give a particular amount.  I am not asking you to join me for one year.  I am not asking you to join me in seeing everything happen as we think it will.  I am asking you to join me on a journey BEYOND where we follow God – and wherever he leads we will faithfully go.

Responding to an update means responding to the Lord.  Whether the update is good or bad, God is in control of what lies ahead just as he was of what lies behind.

Are you in?

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