Hashtags are an interesting way to view the human psyche.  In a moment of life what would a person consider worth saying #liveitup about?  I researched this question via twitter last week and found some interesting posts.

The most common post was about birthdays which makes sense.  However, another common post to #liveitup, was about someone’s death.  Remembering people in birth and death remind us of the same thing it seems…#liveitup.  Other posts were about food and vacations.  The last common post were life quotes.  I found these interesting because I found them to be terrible life quotes that made no sense.  “Time Move Fast Life Don’t” or “Things do not happen because of change.  Change happens because of things.”  #liveitup.  Not sure these are going to help you #liveitup, but it is a view into the human psyche about what it means to #liveitup.

I did find it interesting that I was at least 100 tweets into my research before I found one that had anything to do with God or forgiveness or grace.  Nothing of any spiritual depth in the #liveitup discussion.  Even when I did find God in the discussion, the thoughts were not that deep or accurate.

All of this to ask you, what do you think about when you consider what it means to #liveitup?  What does that mean to you?  Would it be about birthdays and restaurants or would it be deeper than that?

I challenge you to consider the prophecy concerning Jesus from Isaiah 61.  Jesus reads the prophecy in Nazareth and declares it fulfilled in their hearing.  Jesus claims to be the fulfillment of the prophecy that he is the one that will bind up the brokenhearted, give liberty to the captive, bring good news to the poor, and open the prison of those in bondage.  These truths found in Isaiah 61:1-4 are rich in truth.

A person who will #liveitup does more than know the promises they haveThey have the promises they know.  There is a big difference between knowing a promise and having it.  The difference is well articulated in Isaiah 61:10-11 as the prophecy turns to the words of the brokenhearted whose hearts are mended, the captive who is liberated, and poor that have heard the good news.  These people greatly rejoice in the Lord and their souls exult in their God.  They are clothed in garments of salvation and they gladly wear the robe of his righteousness.  They know the promises of God and they have them in their life.

Being freed is a gift.  Living free is a choice.

If you are going to #liveitup you must accept the reality of God’s great gift of love and grace and gladly #liveitup.  The gift has been given.  He has paid the price for your soul so that it will exult him.  He has paid the price of your unrighteousness so that you might wear that robe of righteousness.

The question is, “will you?”  You must choose it.  Each of us must choose this great hope on our first day.  Our first day of faith.  The day where we come to grips with what Jesus has done for us (if you want to consider this read Isaiah 53).  The day we confess that Jesus is Lord.  The day we choose Christ Himself.  We choose it the first day but then we must choose it every day.  Every day we must choose to live God’s grace fresh and new.  We must choose to exult him with our soul and to greatly rejoice in the Lord.  We must choose to gratefully wear the garment of salvation and robe of righteousness.

I challenge you to #liveitup.  Live this grace of God boldly and proudly.  Live it gratefully and graciously.  But live it.  And #liveitup!

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