“Go Off Road!”


Everyday there are voices that speak to us. I’m not talking about a creepy horror movie that you watch where literally there are voices coming out of random rooms in the darkness. I’m talking about your friends, your family, your peers, your closest friends, and even your co-workers. These voices can be distracting sometimes when it comes to discerning what God wants for us. God wants to be our ultimate voice everyday of our lives. When we’re willing to listen, our path will be clearer than it has been. While God has a plan and desires we follow him through it, everyone else around us has a plan for us too. Satan even has a plan for you. However it is vital that we discern the right voice, and know the one voice who “guides me along right paths bringing honor to his name” as Psalm 23:3 says.

How the first Siri almost killed me:

About 4 years ago, I was leaving a speaking engagement in Coushatta Louisiana. If you have never been to Coushatta, it is a small country town surrounded by a lot of trees…A lot of trees. Right after this speaking engagement I had an appointment to meet with some guys at buffalo wild sings in Shreveport Louisiana, about 45 minutes from my location. I however am a direction-ally challenged human being, I don’t know what I would do without Siri these days. But before Siri was Siri, there was GPS “Siri.” My friend Joe let me borrow his GPS, which gave me the utmost confidence that I would make it to my destination! This GPS was about to speak truth into my life on where this buffalo wild wings was located! Time for wings! As I was coming up on Shreveport, I was becoming more familiar with my surroundings. I was noticing buildings I once saw, and on my left were avenues to take me into the city and on the right was pretty much a forest. I was hesitant to turn the GPS off because I knew that if I kept it on I knew I couldn’t get lost if I ventured down the wrong road. It was for an emergency. However, the first Siri in her infinite wisdom says, “Take a U-turn.” I knew for a fact that I was headed in the right direction now, discerning the right way to go, so I told Siri to watch her mouth! Once again, “Take a U-turn.” I got agitated a second time! Like Job I said “Foolish woman!  I know where I am going!” Thirty seconds later, “Take a U-turn.” Having been annoyed for some time and recognizing that computers are actually smarter than me, I listened. “Siri, you’re probably right, let’s take your precious U-turn, maybe you know a short cut.” I U-turned. I took her route which lead me into the infestation of tree city. She took me through back roads, and all of a sudden I was beginning to place my confidence back in Siri. With 1.2 miles left till my destination, I was getting enthused about the good BBQ flavored tastiness of wild wings! With 0.2 miles left on the clock, I don’t see cities, bill boards or anything, and then Siri tells me these three words I will never forget: “Go off road.” What!! Those words literally came out of her mouth. On both sides of me were barbed wired fences, and this lunatic of a computer-system just told me to go off road. There was no wild wings, there was no source of life, and just barbed wire fences…the first Siri that I trusted over my own discernment took me down the wrong road. She tried to kill me.

Here’s my point: God has pre-wired you for an abundant life. He has a path already there for you and wants to be the One voice you glean from while he’s guiding you. In our most confident moments that we believe God is speaking to us, other voices still haven’t shut up. Those voices, including our enemy, Satan, keep telling us to take a U-turn, to down another direction. Eventually that voice will lead us down a road we think is going to provide for us, and then in the last moment, the enemy’s voice abandons us. Siri wanted me to go into barbed wire, and Satan wants myspiritual demise.

 John 10:27 says, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me.” We have a voice to listen to, and His name is Jesus. He knows you! Follow the voice of truth and of peace, rather than the voices of deception and destruction.

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