When your community hurts…

…build a longer table, not a higher fence.

If you are like me, you can’t shake Sunday (or any of the last few weeks) from your mind. The brokenness of our world is being magnified for us through terrible acts in our own community. In MY community. In YOUR community.

And today- you still feel grief. I am with you. But my grief is shifting. I am filling up with hope. And I am asking you to join me. Why?

When God brings dead things back to life or when He brings broken things back to full repair- WATCH OUT! Something BIG is about to happen. And His church needs to be attentive, ready and active.

I believe that our community is coming awake. I believe our community will be strengthened. I believe God has our attention.

We all know- something needs to change. And it starts with the church.

It is time to dig deep into the Word of God and to share loudly the truth and hope and love that lies within.

It is time to pray- without ever stopping- for the salvation of our city.

It is time to make it a priority to fill our churches and exalt the One who actually deserves to be exalted- repeatedly and regularly. It is time to invite the people into our community to fix their eyes on Jesus WITH US.

It is time to get back to loving our neighbor more than we love ourselves.  When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence.  We could all see that too many fences were being built. Now it is time to make a table & invite someone to dine with you. Use every resource given to you by God to bless someone. And I don’t mean only the people that look or act like you- But the person in the coffee shop you wouldn’t normally speak to. The person in your office that you have little in common with. Set your phone down when in the waiting room and have a conversation with someone next to you. It is time we see ALL PEOPLE as image bearers of God our Creator and start living as if we believe that He loves every single one. He loves Republicans and Democrats and black people and white people and Latino people and Asian people and on and on. Why won’t we? Jesus ripped down fences for love. So should we. We can’t love someone on the other side of the fence. It’s time you invite someone else to your table.

If you say you love Jesus- then consider this perspective this week (and every week). What if we stopped looking at difficulties as experiences to escape and more like opportunities to let that which lies at the core of who we are shine through as an example and blessing to others? What a time to show where our lives are rooted. Will we stand firm in our weakness, rooted in the strength of Christ or will we succumb to a life built on the fragility of our fallen nature? When the storms of life come your way what will shine through you?

Darkness will flee & life is returning. Cold hearts are bursting into flames. It is SO on!
God is good and He is fighting for us. And He will win. And He will use the church to accomplish it. Be that church.

pray for br

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