Finding Joy in the Chaotic Pace of Christmas

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I need a nap. Seriously. Like many of you, my calendar is overloaded from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  I am busy and am certain you are. I actually narrowly fitted in the time to even write this blog.  It is as if we are just hanging by a thread to our sanity. The phrase I hear most often from people when I ask, “How are you doing?” is “I’m so busy.” And that’s the common answer before anyone even breaks out the Christmas decorations.

Busy-ness is not sin. However, it can reveal a lot of hidden mess in your life by bringing on stress. There is also a very dangerous addiction many people have to being busy. Here are a few red flags:

1-      You define your success by how busy you are and revel in its glory. Your favorite compliment is “Oh, you’re so busy.”

2-      You are more obsessed with gadgets than God. Many people would rather lose an appendage for a day before the dreaded horror of not having access to your phone or computer.

3-      You don’t have time for your loved ones. This is the worst sign of all. Never neglect people for the sake of your calendar.

Here is what you CAN do to find satisfaction and joy in the chaotic pace of Christmas.

1- Lower your expectation of others- Don’t set everyone else’s standards. Don’t expect everyone to operate at your pace. People, even the best of us, will disappoint us at some point- especially in the chaos.

2- Increase your investment in others- God does supernatural work through His people when they are generous. Our spiritual maturity is proven in caring for others above ourselves.

3- Fix your eyes on the prize- Jesus. Don’t make me get cheesy and say it…ok…I will. Jesus is THE reason for the season. Speak His name every day this month. Every. Day.

4- Never lose the wonder of what God did for us. This is my prayer through all of the chaos. Just like I was amazed every Christmas morning as a child- and my heart was filled with expectation and joy…that is what I want every day as we count down to Christmas morning. Never forget how amazing the Glorious Gospel is. God, sent His Son, who was fully God and fully man to come. For us. With all of our failures- He came.

May we never lose the wonder. Wide eyed and mystified may we be just like a child, staring at the wonder of our King.

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