The Best Gift you will Ever Give

Behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.  For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.  Luke 2:10-11

Throughout the Gospels we see people bring many things to Jesus.  The wise men bring Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  As the story of Jesus continues into his public ministry we see two of his disciples bring their brothers.  The woman at the well brings her entire town to see Jesus.  People bring Jesus the sick, the blind, and the lame.  Four friends are so committed to bringing one crippled man to Jesus that they dig through a roof and lower him down with ropes.  One young boy brings Jesus a sack lunch and Jesus feeds 1,000’s with it.

Bringing is an essential or core action of a Christ follower.  Fellowship Church expresses the mission given to us by the Lord in the Great Commission with these words, “We exist to BRING real life in Christ to Ascension Parish and beyond.”  The call to bring is not simply a commandment we must obey; it is our great privilege and joy.

God has given us both the calling and the privilege to bring people to Jesus and Jesus to peopleThis is the lifestyle of the New Testament believers.  Jesus sent them out into the highways and byways and they preached the good news of the Kingdom of God.  They brought the love, message, and hope of Jesus to people and they brought people to Jesus.

Will you be a bringer this Christmas?  This week is a great opportunity to speak to people about Jesus.  I am not asking you to get on the political bandwagon of shouting down all those who say, “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.”  I am challenging you to go much further than that.  When you speak of Christmas, will you speak of Christ?  Bring the hope that you have found in the One who “became flesh and dwelt among us” with someone that does not have that hope this week.

Here are some actions you can take this week to truly “be a bringer” this Christmas.

1st – Bring yourself to Jesus. Are you reading Scripture and praying?  If you have not already begun a Scripture plan for Christmas, here is a good 5 day plan you can begin right now.

2nd – Bring your family to Jesus this Christmas. Be a bringer includes inviting family to worship the Lord with you.  Bring your family with you for your church’s Christmas worship services.  It is a great opportunity to work together with other believers to share the Gospel with those you love.

Also, Stop every day and spend some time discussing the real meaning of Christmas with your children and family.  5 minutes of intentional conversation will go a long way.  You might also consider purchasing “What God wants for Christmas” if you have small children.  (It is a 7 day plan but it is well worth the investment.)  The telling of the Christmas story in the “Jesus Storybook Bible” is also worth a look.  It is sold electronically here.

3rd – Bring your friends to Jesus this Christmas. Invite your friends to church for Christmas.  Your friends who do not normally attend a church are interested in church and spiritual celebrations at Christmas and Easter.  They will not be offended because you offer for them an opportunity to join you for a spiritually significant moment in the Christmas season.  They will normally feel valued by you because you invited them into a moment they know is meaningful to you.  I challenge you, however, to share with them why that Christmas service is so meaningful to you.  Don’t simply say, “will you come,” tell them why this experience is so meaningful to you and then ask them to join you in it that meaningful experience this year. 

4th – Bring the world to Jesus and Jesus to the world. In any and every moment during the holiday season, we have opportunities to show the love of Christ.  I hope your church has taken opportunities to be generous and giving during this season.  I hope they provide opportunities for you to be a bringer. (Like Christmas Eve services)  I hope this is being encouraged in the body of believers you are a part of, but if it is and you do not participate, you are not being a bringer.  The church doing it is not the same as you doing it.  Invite people to come.  Be a bringer.  It can be as simple as sharing it on social media and typing a status to why the event means so much to you (Fellowship will be posting things to share) or keeping invites in your car and giving them to people at the store or at work.  You can invite your neighbors by bringing them an invitation to Christmas services with some cookies and treats.  Get out there and bring Jesus to world and the world to Jesus this Christmas.

Last – Bring Jesus with you as you are with family, friends, and the world. We bring people to Jesus but we must also bring Jesus to people.  We bring Jesus with us everywhere we go, most of us simply forget that how true that is.  Speak Jesus at your Christmas gatherings.  Volunteer to pray.  When you have conversations with people share a spiritually significant moment with them from this Christmas.  It could be a truth you learned or an opportunity you had to serve others with the love of Jesus.  You don’t have to get “preachy” just be honest.  Share something real from your life that speaks of Jesus’ love and work in your life. 

Find a way to bring Jesus to people in a practical way.  Buy gifts that help the homeless and needy and stop and give them out.  Take your family to find those in need and give blankets and food.  Seek out a family you know is struggling and show them love in a practical say.  Invite that widow or single mother or father (especially consider those who do not have the kids this Christmas Day) into your home for Christmas so they celebrate this season with others instead of alone.  Consider the “foreigner in our midst” this Christmas.  Especially if you live around a university.  Many international students are quite lonely over the Christmas break.  Invite them into your home this Christmas.  Bring Jesus to the world…it is why he came.

Bring Jesus to people and people to Jesus this Christmas.  He is the best gift you will ever give.

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