“Bringing it” is natural for some people.  I’ve coached 100’s of kids through the years and can tell you that some kids will naturally “bring it”.  You do not have to tell them to go hard at it in a game or practice.  They are full speed ahead at all times.  There are some kids, however, that are completely unaware there is a ball, a game, or other people in the world.  They are more interested in the shapes of the clouds in the sky than the ball that is about to hit them in the face.

When a coach tells a player to bring it, she is telling her players to bring themselves – all of themselves.  It is a call to give maximum effort and full attention to the task at hand.  God has called us to bring it in following him.  The call to follow Christ is by definition not half-hearted.  If you are half-hearted, you are not a follower of Christ.  We are called to love the Lord our God with ALL of our heart, soul, and mind and to love our neighbor as ourselves.  Either you bring it or you don’t come.

When Jesus told a few men, “Come and follow me” they left everything and followed him.  He told them he would make them “fishers of men.”  That seems a little odd to most of us.  These guys were called to catch men.  Yes…and so are you.

What does that even look like?  In John 1 Jesus calls his first disciples and they immediately go and bring others.  John the Baptist has 2 disciples he tells about Jesus is the Lamb of God.  They go and follow Jesus.  One of them is Andrew.  Andrew brings his brother Simon – aka Simon Peter.  Then Jesus calls Phillip.  Phillip brings Nathaniel.  Andrew and Phillip brought Simon and Nathaniel but it is Jesus himself who speaks to them revealing to them the truth of who he is.  They do not believe simply because their brother and friend believed.  They have their own encounter with Jesus that causes them to believe, but they would not have encountered Jesus without an invitation.  Andrew and Phillip “brought it.”

Be a Bringer!

This is the first of the 4 Core Actions we are challenging Fellowship Church with in our current BEYOND ORDINARY series.  God has called Fellowship Church to express the Great Commission to bring the Good News to all the world in this way.  We exist to bring real life in Christ to Ascension Parish and Beyond.

We are all called to be bringers.  We are commanded to proclaim the Good News.  We are exhorted to make disciples of all nations.  We are instructed to be the witnesses of Christ.

Bring people to Jesus and Jesus to people.

The disciples of Jesus bring Jesus to people over and over again in the Gospels.  They also bring people to Jesus.  Simon Peter was used by God to bring many people to Jesus and Jesus to many people.  It all began, however, when Andrew brought Simon.  Andrew might be remembered as Simon Peter’s brother but he was also his bringer.

Why would we do this?
Loved people love people.
Found people find people.
Saved people seek people.

If we do not forget who we were, what we were like, and how we were living when Jesus found us lost and saved our souls, we would never quit bringing those far from Jesus to Him and Him to them.

We do this by being faithful where God finds and where God leads us.  God finds us in one place in life but he does not leave us there.  Be faithful right where he finds you but be willing to go wherever he leads you.  Your geographical location might not change, but your circles of influence will.  Be faithful every step along the journey – and never journey alone – bring people to Jesus and Jesus to people.

I encourage and challenge you to BE A BRINGER!


Be a Bringer this week.  Sunday we will be talking about “Keeping it real.”  Invite someone to come to church with you and tell them they can ask you anything about your faith and life as a Christ follower.  Put the keep it real action to the test this week.  Bring someone to the 15 year celebration on 1/29 or the flag football game on 2/5 or date night on 2/11.

Be a bringer.  Bring Jesus to people in your life this week and bring people in your life to Jesus this week!

Bring it!  Jesus is always worth bringing.

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