Shout Out To My Fellow Pastors

Humility – Blessing others, looking to other’s interests, encouraging others…considering others BETTER than you. I SUCK AT HUMILITY. That’s what I want to do in this blog post. I am not as good as think I am and I want to shout out to those who are better! There are a group of fellas, fellow Pastors who I admire, respect, and love to serve with at Fellowship Church. This is a shout out to them, by letting you know the great qualities of each of them. They are better than me.

Pastor Kirk – Kirk Jones is the type of dude who is unapologetic-ally himself. The authenticity he brings to our staff and to our church is the same guy I know off the stage. What you get from our lead pastor when he preaches is the same guy you get if you are ever in a one on one conversation with him. This dude has massive vision and desires to take us to the next level yearly. If I have a question he’s got an answer. If he sees an issue, he’ll address it on the spot with the truth in love. He has called out my ignorance a few times in a truthful way that more so uplifted me than put me down. If I want honesty, Kirk is the man I want to hear it from. Kirk knows how to communicate truth as a preacher. Though our styles may be different, Kirk has a way to simplistically and profoundly sharpen your mind with the truth of scripture in his own uniqute way. I have served as youth pastor under 4 pastors, and Kirk is my favorite one to listen to as a preacher. Kirk Jones, is always Kirk Jones. He is the most interesting man on the planet, stay “Kirk-y” my friends.

Pastor Brian – Brian Robert has the heart of 10 men. I believe Brian has the biggest heart for people on our staff. This dude is a relentless servant for people and he is a representation of a man who goes the 2nd and sometimes the 3rd mile. Many of our students see him as a father figure type, a guy who has wisdom for a thousand years and the kind of counselor I enjoy learning from. In situations where I might throw a tantrum and show utter frustration, Brian is a guy who demonstrates the patience I crave. Brian is a man’s man, a guy I think all of us should strive to be like. I have loved working with this dude as a partner in ministry, and even more, I have loved learning and growing as a man through seeing him live his life. Brian Robert is your best friend and you don’t even know it!

Pastor Todd – Todd Blount is the smartest man alive! Todd is an incredible communicator and is just an overall sharp dude. Todd looks like he is in his late 20’s with the wisdom of a 60 year old. Todd is a great representation of the Perfect Punctual (Though we all know he is far from perfect) I doubt this dude sins 5 times a day (Again, a lie but that’s how much integrity I see in this dude). Todd is the kind of guy you want on your team. He is listens, gives solid advice, and knows how to stay on top of tasks, family, and ministry. His priorities are to my knowledge never in any kind of chaos, and he always desires to serve the Lord and study the scriptures in both quality and quantity. My dude Todd is a guy you want to listen to and model after when it comes to various aspects of life, but ultimately, his devotion as a disciple to the Word of God. Todd Blount’s memory is so good he has the whole Church’s birthdays memorized!

Pastor Jonathan – Jonathan Ickles is the most animated dude I have ever met. Anybody that knows Jonathan knows they will get a laugh within the first few minutes of knowing him, and if you know him, you just look at him and laugh. Ickles is a guy who just loves life and loves to laugh. I learned when  I was in high school that I HAVE to learn to laugh at myself, and I have always been good at that. Jonathan is a dude who I can actually joke with and get a joke right back. Most of the time I like to set him up to make fun of me just because I want to laugh! Jonathan is the kind of father I want to be. Dude has 5 kids, and makes time for every single one of them in a very unique way. He makes them each feel like they’re the best kid on earth. I want to enjoy life as much as Jonathan Ickles. As a guy who struggles a lot with anxiety, I can always use more laughter and clown myself. He is also my favorite worship pastor. He is better than Christ Tomlin, David Crowder, the guy who leads Hillsong United (whoever that is), and whoever your favorite is, Jonathan Ickles is better. He’s your favorite worship leader’s favorite worship leader. Jonathan Ickles smells like comedy, take a whiff and laugh for 3.5 hours.

I love these Pastors. I have learned so much from them and am blessed to serve on such a great pastoral team. I am the Pastor I am today at Fellowship Church because I work with these dudes. God has blessed every single one of these dudes with gifts and abilities better than mine. I cannot wait to keep learning from them. I pray, you feel the same way! Love Your Pastors!

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