God is ABLE to make ALL things NEW, including YOU.

I have enjoyed preaching this truth over the last month.  Faith is trusting in an able God.  We all need renewal.  The questions is, “Do you believe that God can make YOU  new?  And then do you believe he can make your situation NEW?  I hope so.

Check out 2 Corinthians 5:16-6:13.

Those who are renewed in Christ represent Christ.

This is not something you could do or should do if you are “in Christ.”  This is something you are doing if you are a “new creation.”  You represent Christ everywhere you go and with every word you say and with every thing you do.  You ARE an AMBASSADOR of Christ.

This is not a burden; it is a privilege.  God has chosen to make his appeal through you.  You are his ambassador and He has given you a ministry of reconciliation.  This ministry of reconciliation begins with the reality of reconciliation.

First, we must be reconciled to God through Christ.
Second, we must be reconciled to others through Christ.

Reconciliation is an accounting term.  It means to put an account that is in wrong standing in right standing.  God does the reconciling.  (He is reconciling the world to Himself.)  He makes the account right by “not counting our sins against us” because he counted them against His son, Jesus Christ. (God made him who knew no sin to become sin so we might become the righteousness of God.)

We, who are in Christ, have been given a ministry of reconciliation.  Literally the word means a distribution of reconciliation.  We have the privilege of distributing out the truth that God is reconciling the world to Himself.  Todd Blount (our South Ascension Campus Pastor) has written a great blog about this concept of distribution that will post later this week, so please watch for it at

We, however, cannot have a ministry of reconciliation without a heart for reconciliation.  God has already paid the price emotionally, physically, and spiritually for reconciliation to exist between he and every person on Earth. Now this transaction will not take place until the debtor (sinner…every person in the world) repents and confesses Jesus as Lord.  But the price is paid and the accounting is ready.

We must live in the same standing toward others. There can be no offer of reconciliation if there does not already exist the ability for reconciliation.  We must live in a spiritual and relational position towards others that forgiveness is available, even before they ask for it.

Paul speaks of his open heart in this passage..  An open heart is one that is vulnerable and given.  We must give all of ourselves to God realizing he might make new in you the very thing you desire to never see change.  Never guard your heart from God.

Our heart for people must be as open as God’s.  The very people you rant about in life, he desires to reconcile their life.  He desires that none should perish but that all would come to repentance.  Not all will, but he is ready for all.  Are you?

People are not in need of your ranting.  They are in need of Christ’s reconciling.

He has already done every work and paid every price necessary so that we might be reconciled.  He is ready.  More than that…he is active…he came to seek and to save what was lost.  Will you join him in that ministry of reconciliation?

Be renewed!